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Customer Manager

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After logging into the ESP Website Admin (, click on Orders from the Management Toolbar, and then select My Customers from the dropdown.

You will see a list of all of your customers. Click on a customer's name to open the customer detail area and manage that customer's information.

There are three available tabs: Address Info, Additional Info, and Web Site Access. The only required field is the customer's name.

Address Info Tab

In the Address Info Tab, you can enter information about the company and also about the individual customer.

Click on Save at the bottom when you are finished.

Additional Info

This section enables you to saved shipping information for this customer. Use the Shipping Method dropdown to select a shipping provider, enter your customer's account number, and shiping instructions. Notes can also be entered in this section.

Click on Save at the bottom when you are finished.

Web Site Access

In this section, you are able to manage a customer's access to your ESP Website(s) information. You can see their username and reset their password if necessary.

The Site Selection checkboxes enable you to choose which site the username and password will be accessible to the customer.

Click on Save when you are finished.

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