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Company Stores - Manage Products - Product Collections

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After logging into the ESP Websites admin, locate your Company Store and click on the Edit Site button.

Click on the plus button to expand Manage Products and then click on Product Collections.
Note: To close the menu, click on the minus button.

In the Product Collections section, there are two tabs: Home Page Setup and Manage Product Collections.

The Home Page Setup tab is where you can select the which product collection you would like to display on your home page. The Manage Product Collections tab is where you can create new product collections or edit existing ones.

The Home Page Setup Tab

If you are not setting up your own product collection, you can select up to 10 available to display on your homepage.

Click on Save when you are finished.

The Manage Product Collections Tab

Click on the "Manage Product Collections" tab and then click on the Create a New Product Collection button.

A pop-up window will open. Type a name for the product collection, enter a description (optional), select a level from the dropdown, and check the Active box. Click on Save after you have entered this information.

Adding Products to a Product Collection

After clicking on Save, the ESP Web Quick Search will open automatically. Search for the product you would like to use, mark it, and then click on the Marked Items button. If you would like to use custom products, search using your ASI number or the product number you assigned to your product. Select "Add to Current Product Collection" from the dropdown.

Adding Products from the Clipboard

To add products which you have saved to the Clipboard, click on the Clipboard button, mark the product(s) you would like to use, and then click on the Select Action button. Select Add to Current Product Collection option from the dropdown.

After you've marked and added your products, click on the Return to [Design Studio - Product Collections] link.

Make Your New Product Collection Live

To make your new product collection live, go to the Home Page Setup tab and click on the "+" to select the product collection you wish to use. You may select up to ten product collections.

Edit Product Collection Properties

In the Properties section, you can edit the product collection name, description, level, and select a default image. Click on an available default image comprised of product images or click on the "Select from your Image Library" link to use an image from the Media Manager. Click on Save when you are finished.

Managing Product Collections

To manage existing product collections, click on the Manage Product Collections tab. You can use the search bar to locate product collections. In the Actions section, there are three options:

  • Edit: Opens the Properties area for modifications. You can also delete a product collection by clicking on the Delete button.
  • Search: Opens the ESP Web Quick Search where you can add more products into a product collection.
  • Copy: Creates a copy of an existing product collection.
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