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ASI® has an app for: Counselor®, Advantages™, Wearables® and Stitches® magazines. At this time we do not have magazines apps for Android.

To get the magazine app, you will need to have an active subscription for the magazine. If you are a new subscriber, please allow up to 24 hours for the app to be available.

To install the ASI Magazines app:

  • Go to your App Store on your iPhone/iPad and log in with your Apple password
  • Go to search and type in the magazine of your choosing
  • Go to the magazine and click on the “Free” button
  • This will download the app to your iPhone/iPad
  • You will be prompted to log in for the magazine using:
    • Username: email address OR email address
    • Password: ASI#

ASI Magazine apps require an IOS of 4.3 or later. To check the IOS version of your iPhone, go to Settings and then go to General. You may have to scroll down, but the IOS will be available here. If you are using an older iPhone, the IOS will be in the about section.

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